Dry shirts and blouses - without drugs or surgery!

with our functional undershirts and the new polo shirts.
No more problems with underarm sweat!


No more sweat stains!

Let it flow, don't prevent it!

Many people sweat more than what is considered to be the average amount, regardless of age, sex or weight. If you have a problem with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweat), we can help you through our own experiences and share with you our natural solution.

Suffering drives inventiveness

It would be our dream for laulas functional clothing to help you regain your confidence and give you back a quality of life that we have found through our invention. Problems caused by having hyperhidrosis in the underarm area can now be managed naturally - without the need for surgery or drugs.

All information on this solution for excessive underarm sweat can be found under  "Solution"

For all questions please feel free to e-mail at  info@sweat-help.com

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